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Social investing's David and Goliath marketing moment

[Originally published on LinkedIn as " Social Investing's David and Goliath Quandary "] The numbers are in and they tell a pretty clear story: more people are investing with social progress on their minds. The most recent  US SIF report  shows that “investors now consider environmental,...

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Don't let fun marketing toys kill your strategy

Good news: there are more marketing tactics to choose from than ever before, and they all have reach and power. Bad news: see above. Keeping our ear to the ground for business challenges and growth trends, we’re feeling the vibrations of a steadily expanding sinkhole of options....

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Why I traded for a new business model and electric car

This post was originally published on Linkedin. Sure, I wrote this in a pretty cozy situation: March blizzard outside, fireplace and music inside. Fuzzy socks on. Office closed for the snow day. But huddling up for a Nor’easter just a couple weeks after a run of 75 degree February days...

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