You have questions, we answer them: How do I get into the press?

Our team has worked in PR over the course of several decades, across industries, and in major metropolitan markets. Every client is different, which makes it easy to assume that they also have different expectations when it comes to offering a good PR program.  But the truth is, most clients are of a similar mindset when it comes to how much press attention they want—and it’s almost always a lot.

We’ve met with prospects that need help refining their messages in the hopes that their story will land in top-tier media outlets. Most importantly, establishing a media presence takes time, a strategic mindset, a unique perspective, and a combination of truly unique perspectives and hard news.

We recognize clients are sometimes in the dark about how much elbow grease is needed in order to get results that make an impact. It’s our job at Longview to ensure we guide our current and prospective clients on the right path and execute the most strategic approach.

For example, a client in the investment space might offer superior customer service and transparency.  That message alone is valuable for sales materials, but is not necessarily newsworthy enough to make reporters want to pause their busy days to learn more. This is where the Longview team comes in.  We evaluate the key differentiators of a business, and expand upon them to make sure there is a story that can be told effectively. We do this by:

  • Speaking to important stakeholders and customers to ensure we’re hearing first-hand about the value the business and its leadership team provides
  • Evaluating competitors to ensure spokespeople are saying something different and intriguing in interviews and through their published content
  • Identifying data points or third-party testimonials to support differentiators
  • Establishing opportunities to secure a thought leadership presence for the executive teams

We’re also not shy about giving feedback regarding what program elements are best suited for our clients. In fact, PR is not always the best course of action; sometimes a thoughtful Longview marketing, social media or content strategy can lead to more meaningful results.

If you’re reading this and you’re wondering if PR is right for you—and how to get into the press—check out Part One of our two-part insights series about how to get the headline space you might deserve.

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