Longview Insight: Marketing with Compliance in Mind

Investment advisers are in a near constant balancing act between marketing  and compliance. Longview teamed up with Klavens Law Group to examine the SEC’s most recent risk alert and provide tips on marketing with compliance in mind. Learn more in our insight paper,  Three Ways Investment Advisers Can Market With Compliance In Mind .  

Longview Strategies Retained By Sunwealth As Marketing Partner

Longview is thrilled to be working with Sunwealth, an innovative solar investment firm that curates pools of high-performance commercial solar projects to deliver abundant renewable clean energy to diverse communities. Sunwealth provides a progressive investment model, with pooled solar projects that combine installations for commercial buildings, nonprofits, and low-income areas that would not otherwise have access to the...

Longview Insight: What do you need to get into the press?

When it comes to Public Relations, our clients regularly ask us: how can our messages pepper the headlines? Successful PR requires the right mix of ingredients to make connections with targeted media. To find out more, download Part 1 of our series, What Do You Need To Get Into The Press?