Longview Strategies and SOCIAL3 To Guide Investment Advisors Through Adoption of Sustainable, Responsible Impact Investing (SRI)


“Connecting with Impact” service provides hands-on direction and resources to advisors

Longview Strategies and SOCIAL3 today announced the launch of a joint program designed to provide investment advisors with the framework they need to implement sustainable, responsible, and impact investing (SRI) practices.

“Connecting with Impact” offers three levels of programming to help advisors create a foundation for their SRI strategy, gain access to resources to build the practice, and incorporate the approach into the firm’s message and storyline. 

“There is a tremendous population of investment advisors who know that SRI is the way of the future but are unsure of which formal steps to take first,” said Darby Hobbs, founder of SOCIAL3. “Whether understanding SRI’s importance to their fiduciary role, how they can connect with individuals about what they truly value, or how to stay on top of investment options that align with those values, advisors benefit from using best practices to serve their clients.”

The momentum for SRI is building quickly. US SIF found in its 2016 report that sustainable and impact investments account for roughly 20 percent of assets under professional management in the U.S. This points to an increasing drive among investors to align their investment and brand choices towards programs and offerings that move money into doing good.

“The world is changing for investors, as they increasingly understand that they can invest in tune with their values without sacrificing financial returns,” said Evan Zall, President of Longview Strategies. “Advisors looking to reach those investors need to consider how SRI fits into the message and philosophy of their firm. Incorporating new strategies is a great opportunity for them to re-examine how they convey their unique strengths and perspectives.”

About Longview Strategies

Longview Strategies is a boutique communications firm with a focus on financial and professional services and a passion for sustainable investing. We are award-winning strategists, communicators, and storytellers who are skilled at distilling complex subject matter into digestible content that strikes the right chords with target audiences. The Longview team seeks to make an impact on our clients’ businesses and on the global marketplace with services including messaging and positioning, marketing strategy, content development, public relations, and social media management.


SOCIAL3® (Strategy-Integration-Engagement) is focused on fusing brand and sustainability principles for asset growth by cultivating the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) storyline and ensuring that the investment advisory firms’ vision and strategy align with their marketplace engagement. SOCIAL3 promotes collaboration through a holistic lens to communicate the conscience of the financial services industry.

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