Who We Are

Meet our braintrust of strategic thinkers, storytellers, and award-winning marketers.


President/Longview Strategist

Evan founded Longview Strategies to get big things done. 

With more than 20 years in strategic marketing, Evan believes that strong communications can resolve a great number of complex challenges in the world. Whether solving business problems for today or global issues for the next generation, it starts with crafting the right message. Evan is a member of the Boston chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO); is a founding member of PR Masterminds, a group of industry thought leaders from across the U.S.; and is on the Board of Directors of Raising a Reader MA. Prior to launching Longview, Evan was co-owner of Ebben Zall Group, a fully integrated marketing agency.

When he gets the chance, Evan sneaks out to face his sons in spontaneous guitar battles and nerf wars. He usually loses, but claims it’s intentional. (It’s totally intentional.)

Caroline Bigelow,

Senior Marketing Strategist

Caroline is continuously energized by the opportunity to achieve more and make an impact for clients, partners, and teammates. 

Over the past two decades, Caroline has tackled strategy for companies in professional services, healthcare, and the nonprofit sector. Her extensive experience spans an early career in advertising at Hill Holliday, a pivotal director’s role at a creative multimedia agency, and managing marketing strategies for Boston Children’s Hospital. She has advised on far-reaching brand strategies, client expansions, digital initiatives, and content marketing campaigns.  She is also a member of the board of trustees at the Landing School, a marine industry technology school in Arundel, ME.

Caroline balances her dedication to her career with her other passions: she is a mother of three, and a competitive sailor—who has circumnavigated Newfoundland and completed the Newport Bermuda Race twice!


Senior Content & Engagement Strategist

Alex believes each client has a unique story – the exciting part is telling it in a way that advances their mission-aligned goals and business growth.

Prior to joining Longview Strategies, Alex served as the Communications Director at a leading sustainable, responsible, and impact (SRI) investment management firm. He has worked primarily within strategic communications firms, helping to execute external Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications strategies to engage broader audiences. Alex earned his BA in communications and political science from the University of New Hampshire and is certified in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting process. 

When not at Longview, Alex is particularly passionate about cooking and spending time outside, whether hiking, surfing, or simply sitting on the beach. He also has a long history of advocating on behalf of individuals and families affected by autism and special needs.

Neela Samia,

Senior Graphic Design Strategist

Neela understands that elegant solutions require the thoughtful balance of IMPACT + RELEVANCE.

With more than 15 years of experience, Neela specializes in high-quality designs, expert art direction, and comprehensive branding solutions.  She has worked for creative agencies, in-house marketing teams, and independently, building and reinforcing brands through identity, print design, marketing collateral, and web design.  Neela is passionate about digging deep with clients, finding the story that resonates, and translating it all into visual experiences that connect with audiences.  She is a problem solver and enjoys engaging in the design process at any stage from conception to realization and roll out.

In her spare time, she defeats her two kids mercilessly at Hungry, Hungry Hippo and creates handset-type prints on antique letterpress in a shared art space in Providence.  

Amy Zall,

Senior Development Strategist

Amy believes that with a clear vision, passion, and determination, anything is achievable.

With two decades of experience in the marketing and entertainment industries, Amy has a history of finding new ways to make exciting things happen. Amy began her career as one of 4 principal players leading the marketing efforts of a dot.com start-up, helping it grow to a thriving online entertainment leader with 40 + employees. She then moved on to lead and develop campaigns to build visibility, generate funding, and create content for WGBH/PBS TV series and multimedia projects including Nova, American Experience, and Frontline.  And somewhere along the way, she earned her MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College.

In her spare time, she likes to dabble in the movie business, most recently serving as executive producer of an award-winning independent feature film. 

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